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THAT was “Gay pride” in Uruguay this past Friday, or ” Walk for Diversity”, as we call it. It has been said that about 40.000 people participated. Legally speaking, Uruguay has come a long way… Same sex marriage is legal, there’s laws related to gender identity, laws against discrimination, homosexual couples are able to adopt, and there’s been progress in social security for transgender people. And to add up to that list of victories, abortion is legal and there’s this thing called “Law of gender cuotas” witch forces political parties to have representatives of both genders, and a minimum of 1/3 of women per party in parliament (AND women are already fighting for parity). I’m fucking proud. 

Gaga and taylor might as well be married they basically live together and have loved each other for so long, a paper does means nothing to them! And that’s what people need to understand like Angelina and brad Pitt it not about a big wedding it about the love the share, and I think that’s a great way to go!

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